Today, chapter work for chapters 1-9 of TKAM was due.

Today's journal entry was Author Harper Lee uses a very offensive word when some characters talk about black people in TKAM. Why do you think she does this in a book written for young readers? What is the purpose of her choice? What do you think about it?

Today we:

1. Had a group discussion over chapters 5-9

2. Took a quiz over chapters 5-9

3. Began work on our Finch Family Trees (which should have 10-12 people on them... hint: Atticus, Alexandra, and John (Jack) are all siblings, but Alexandra is the oldest by so much that she has an adult child and a grandchild).

4. Began reading chapters 10-13.

Next time, you will turn in Chapter Work for 10-13, as well as your Maps of Maycomb and your Finch Family Trees. 

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