Today we did the following:

1. Discuss chapters 1-4, in our assigned groups.

2. Go over the TKAM Unit and Notebook. If you were absent, PLEASE download the file found at that link -- it is CRUCIAL.

3. Took a quiz over chapters 1-4 -- please make sure to make this up if you were absent.

4. Worked on the Map of Maycomb (see below) and our chapter guides (see the TKAM Unit and Notebook packet). 

Your assignment for next time is to read chapters 5-9 and do chapter guides for each chapter. Chapter guides for chapters 1-9 are due next Tuesday, and we will take a quiz over chapters 5-9.

Map of Maycomb

Using clues from the book and your own imagination (there is no one right answer) draw a map of Maycomb. Include the major landmarks (Finch house, Radley house, school, courthouse, etc.) as well as a key. You need to use color. You may be adding on to this map as the book goes on. Your map goes into your TKAM Notebook and is due December 13.

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