Your final chapter work, and your Poem of Courage assignment, were due today. 

Today's journal entry was Thinking about TKAM and "the real world," list some important realizations that a child must make before becoming an adult. (Example: Life isn’t fair.) Which of these facts of life are most difficult to accept? Which are the most important to accept? Why?

Today we took the quiz over chapters 28-31 and then worked on assembling our TKAM notebooks. 

Three-ring binder or folder with prongs – NOT just loose in a folder or stapled. If it is loose, I won't grade it. Ask if you need assistance -- I have extras.

Front cover: Title and author of book, an illustration relating to the book, your name and class period

Contents – IN ORDER:
 - Chapter work for chapters 1-31, in order, fixed if needed, typed if possible
 - Map of Maycomb
 - Finch Family Tree
 - Somebody Else’s Shoes
 - Maycomb Tribune
 - Song Lyrics
 - Poem of Courage 

DUE THURSDAY. This is worth 100 points -- don't blow it off!

Your exam over TKAM is Thursday.

Your final exam for this class will take place next week. You need to be here Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday to be fully prepared for the final.


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