Today your "Somebody Else's Shoes" writing and your chapter work for 14-17 was due.

Your journal entry was Put yourself in the shoes of Jem, Scout, and/or Dill. What would you have done when the mob of men arrived at the jailhouse? Would you have done what they did? Why? How would you have reacted if you were Atticus? Why?

After a discussion, we took a quiz over chapters 14-17.

Today's daily project is to write a newspaper article for the Maycomb Tribune detailing the events from any newsworthy scene in the book. Answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the incident.  Write the article from a newspaper perspective. You may choose any event that you think would be newsworthy for a small town paper. The article should be accurate in its facts and should at least two paragraphs in length. You will be scored on grammar, spelling, and information/accuracy of the piece. 

Your homework is to read chapters 18-22 and do the corresponding chapter work.


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