Your wordsearches were due today if you wanted extra credit on the test.

Today's journal entry was What do you know (or think you know) about: William Shakespeare, The 1500s (Elizabethan Times), England, and/or the History of theater? If the answer is “nothing,” then what would you like to know? Why do you think people still care about Shakespeare when he died 400 years ago?

We discussed what we knew (and thought we knew) about Shakespeare, and then learned about him and his times using a PowerPoint and a note sheet. Both are below for you to download if necessary; you will not be able to answer all of the questions from the PowerPoint, as some of them were from my lecture, but you can check with a friend to get those that you missed. Your note sheet should be filled out and then pasted in your interactive notebook; see a classmate's example.

Following this, we played with Shakespearean insults; we will look at these again next time. 
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