Your Song Lyrics assignment was due today, as was your chapter work for chapters 23-27.

Today's journal entry was Jem is frustrated by the problems in the legal system after Tom’s trial. What problems did he see? What solutions did he suggest? Do these problems – or similar problems – still exist? How could the American legal system be improved?

After a discussion and taking the quiz, we worked on the following two assignments:

1. Finish reading (and doing chapter work) the book!

2. Ask yourself, who demonstrates courage in TKAM, and how do you define courage? Think of a person (any person, whether known personally or not) who you think is courageous, as evidenced by their life and/or actions. You must be able to make comparisons between this person and a character in TKAM.
 - Write a two stanza (verse) poem.
 - One verse is about the person you know 
 - One verse is about the TKAM character
 - Make sure that both are identified, either in the poem itself or in its title
 - They need to have traits in common for this to flow well
 - It MAY rhyme; it MAY have formal structure; it may not
 - Each stanza must be AT LEAST six lines long 
You will be scored according to the two-stanza requirement and the comparison of courage between the two people that you chose


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