Today your TKAM notebooks (worth 100 points) were due.

We took our test over TKAM today. If you were absent, it is your responsibility to schedule a make-up time BEFORE NEXT WEDNESDAY. You will not be permitted to take the exam after that time. You also will not be permitted to take the test during English class; make-up tests must be scheduled after school or at other times.

For up to ten points of extra credit on the test, choose ONE meaningful (suitable for a poster) quotation from TKAM. Make a poster (8.5"x11" or 11"x14") that includes the quotation, illustrations/graphics, and lots of color. Make it suitable for display. It is due Monday (not accepted late). 
Your final chapter work, and your Poem of Courage assignment, were due today. 

Today's journal entry was Thinking about TKAM and "the real world," list some important realizations that a child must make before becoming an adult. (Example: Life isn’t fair.) Which of these facts of life are most difficult to accept? Which are the most important to accept? Why?

Today we took the quiz over chapters 28-31 and then worked on assembling our TKAM notebooks. 

Three-ring binder or folder with prongs – NOT just loose in a folder or stapled. If it is loose, I won't grade it. Ask if you need assistance -- I have extras.

Front cover: Title and author of book, an illustration relating to the book, your name and class period

Contents – IN ORDER:
 - Chapter work for chapters 1-31, in order, fixed if needed, typed if possible
 - Map of Maycomb
 - Finch Family Tree
 - Somebody Else’s Shoes
 - Maycomb Tribune
 - Song Lyrics
 - Poem of Courage 

DUE THURSDAY. This is worth 100 points -- don't blow it off!

Your exam over TKAM is Thursday.

Your final exam for this class will take place next week. You need to be here Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday to be fully prepared for the final.

Your Song Lyrics assignment was due today, as was your chapter work for chapters 23-27.

Today's journal entry was Jem is frustrated by the problems in the legal system after Tom’s trial. What problems did he see? What solutions did he suggest? Do these problems – or similar problems – still exist? How could the American legal system be improved?

After a discussion and taking the quiz, we worked on the following two assignments:

1. Finish reading (and doing chapter work) the book!

2. Ask yourself, who demonstrates courage in TKAM, and how do you define courage? Think of a person (any person, whether known personally or not) who you think is courageous, as evidenced by their life and/or actions. You must be able to make comparisons between this person and a character in TKAM.
 - Write a two stanza (verse) poem.
 - One verse is about the person you know 
 - One verse is about the TKAM character
 - Make sure that both are identified, either in the poem itself or in its title
 - They need to have traits in common for this to flow well
 - It MAY rhyme; it MAY have formal structure; it may not
 - Each stanza must be AT LEAST six lines long 
You will be scored according to the two-stanza requirement and the comparison of courage between the two people that you chose

Today your Maycomb Tribune writing and your chapter work for 18-22 was due.

After a discussion, we took a quiz over chapters 18-22.

Today's daily project is: You need to choose a song that you think has lyrics that apply to the message of the novel. You then need to copy those lyrics down and explain their relevance to the story. Your lyrics must be clean, but can be from any category of music you wish. NOTE: Your explanation must be line-by-line specific (that is, you need to offer some explanation/connection as to why EACH line of the song applies to TKAM), so you will only be required to copy one verse and the chorus. Thoroughness/completeness = your grade! Due Friday.

Your homework is to read chapters 23-27 and do the corresponding chapter work.
Today your "Somebody Else's Shoes" writing and your chapter work for 14-17 was due.

Your journal entry was Put yourself in the shoes of Jem, Scout, and/or Dill. What would you have done when the mob of men arrived at the jailhouse? Would you have done what they did? Why? How would you have reacted if you were Atticus? Why?

After a discussion, we took a quiz over chapters 14-17.

Today's daily project is to write a newspaper article for the Maycomb Tribune detailing the events from any newsworthy scene in the book. Answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the incident.  Write the article from a newspaper perspective. You may choose any event that you think would be newsworthy for a small town paper. The article should be accurate in its facts and should at least two paragraphs in length. You will be scored on grammar, spelling, and information/accuracy of the piece. 

Your homework is to read chapters 18-22 and do the corresponding chapter work.


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