Today your Finch family tree and your chapter work for 10-13 was due.

Your journal entry was What is the significance of the novel’s title? Who do you think – from what you know so far – is the “mockingbird” of the book? (There’s more than one right answer!) Defend your answer(s).

After a discussion, we took a quiz over chapters 10-13. 

Today's daily project is Someone Else's Shoes. You will pick a scene from the book – any scene you’ve read so far - and rewrite that scene from a different point of view (NOT Scout’s). Stay true to the details of the scene. Change perspective, inner dialogue and narration due to your narrator’s personality and their situation to the story. At least two paragraphs long – don’t be lazy! The “bare minimum” will get a “bare minimum” grade! Will be scored on accuracy, grammar, spelling, and effort/length.

Your homework is to read chapters 14-17 and do the corresponding chapter work.

Today, chapter work for chapters 1-9 of TKAM was due.

Today's journal entry was Author Harper Lee uses a very offensive word when some characters talk about black people in TKAM. Why do you think she does this in a book written for young readers? What is the purpose of her choice? What do you think about it?

Today we:

1. Had a group discussion over chapters 5-9

2. Took a quiz over chapters 5-9

3. Began work on our Finch Family Trees (which should have 10-12 people on them... hint: Atticus, Alexandra, and John (Jack) are all siblings, but Alexandra is the oldest by so much that she has an adult child and a grandchild).

4. Began reading chapters 10-13.

Next time, you will turn in Chapter Work for 10-13, as well as your Maps of Maycomb and your Finch Family Trees. 
Today we did the following:

1. Discuss chapters 1-4, in our assigned groups.

2. Go over the TKAM Unit and Notebook. If you were absent, PLEASE download the file found at that link -- it is CRUCIAL.

3. Took a quiz over chapters 1-4 -- please make sure to make this up if you were absent.

4. Worked on the Map of Maycomb (see below) and our chapter guides (see the TKAM Unit and Notebook packet). 

Your assignment for next time is to read chapters 5-9 and do chapter guides for each chapter. Chapter guides for chapters 1-9 are due next Tuesday, and we will take a quiz over chapters 5-9.

Map of Maycomb

Using clues from the book and your own imagination (there is no one right answer) draw a map of Maycomb. Include the major landmarks (Finch house, Radley house, school, courthouse, etc.) as well as a key. You need to use color. You may be adding on to this map as the book goes on. Your map goes into your TKAM Notebook and is due December 13.
Today we began our unit for To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM). 

We started off by gathering some background information and prior knowledge, and then taking some notes about the time period and the author. If you were absent, you can get the notes below; you will want to transfer them into your interactive notebook for future reference.

Following this, we checked out copies of TKAM from the library and I read the first chapter aloud to the class. Your assignment is to read chapters 2-4 (or 1-4 if you were absent) by the time we meet on Tuesday. Be prepared for a quiz over the reading.

TKAM is available for free online at if you don't have your book! 
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Download File

Today we took our exam over Romeo and Juliet. If you were absent, please schedule a make-up exam BEFORE THANKSGIVING BREAK.
Today we did a review activity for the Romeo and Juliet exam.
Today's journal entry was Now that we have finished reading the play… what do you think? Did Romeo and Juliet have a good relationship? What about Romeo’s relationships with his friends? What about Juliet’s relationships with her parents? Why?

Today you were assigned a final activity over Romeo and Juliet, and we spoke about the exam. The exam, and the due date for the activity, are next week on Wednesday. Please download the handout below; the handout includes the final assignment as well as information about the test. 
4A Handout
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Download File

We also watched Act 5 (traditional presentation) as well as the final death scene from the Leonardo DiCaprio version. I STRONGLY recommend you take some time to view these. Pay careful attention to the timing between when Romeo dies and Juliet wakes up in the newer version.
Today's journal entry was Is Juliet taking too many risks for her love of Romeo? At this point in the play, what other choice(s) does she have?

Today, we read Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet, acting out certain scenes "in the round." If you were absent, you will need to get a book from the library or go to No Fear Shakespeare and read Act 5 in its entirety.
Today's journal entry was How can Romeo and Juliet reduce the damage from the various risks they have taken? How can they make things better – or, at least, not any worse? Propose some plans/ideas for them.

Today we read Act IV, Scene 1 and Scene 5, and watched the entirety of Act IV. You can catch up on the reading at No Fear Shakespeare.

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