Today's journal entry was There is a saying: “Blood is thicker than water.” This means that family is more important than anything else. Romeo has killed Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. Juliet’s parents want her to be with Paris. Do you think that Juliet should put her family first? Or do you think she is right to stick with Romeo? Defend your answer.

We watched a different version of Act III, Scene 1, that shows a different interpretation of the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt. Please observe the difference in mood in these two scenes.

Following this, we did some response questions to Act III. The questions are on page 906; please do #1-5 and 7-11. You will also answer question A (bottom of the page) on page 873 and question E on page 905. Each of your answers should be in complete sentences.
Today's journal entry was, Given all that has happened so far in the play, come up with some predictions about what will happen in the next three Acts. What will happen between now and the end? What consequences do you foresee for decisions and actions already made?

Today we read and discussed Act III. If you were absent, please read Act III at No Fear Shakespeare.
Today's journal entry was What do you think about Friar Laurence? Do you agree with what he says to and about Romeo when Romeo tells him about Juliet? Do you think that the Friar is right to agree to marry them? Why or why not?

Today we read and watched the last two scenes of Act II, and then answered several questions about Acts I and II.
The assignment is to answer -- IN COMPLETE SENTENCES -- questions 1-4 and 8 on page 840, and questions 1-6 and 11 on page 870. This is due on Monday.
Today's journal entry was “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Do you believe that names are important? Can the name that your parents give you affect your life? Do you know what your first name means? (You can Google it!) Does the meaning of your name reflect who you really are?

Today we tried watching some of the scenes before we read them. The scenes we viewed are available below and include some from last time and some that we will be reading today and in the future.
Afterward, we continued reading Act II. Please read Act II, Scene 2, and Act II, Scene 3, at No Fear Shakespeare.
Today's journal entry was Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? Do you think that Romeo and Juliet could have a chance at a true, lasting relationship given how it begins? (If you know how the story ends -- imagine, what if it went a different way?)

Following this, we watched video of the rest of Act I. I showed two versions of Scene 5; the second is from the version shot in contemporary times, and really brings Romeo and Juliet's first meeting to life.
Afterward, we began reading Act II. Please read Act II, Scene 1, and Act II, Scene 2, at No Fear Shakespeare.
Today we did an activity to explore a "secret code" that Shakespeare used to make a statement about his characters in his plays. This activity dealt with syllables and rhyming. If you have trouble telling how many syllables are in a word, please ask for help before beginning.
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When you finish The Shakespeare Code activity, please have Mrs. Baker check it before you turn it in. This is a tricky activity that may require a second or third pass at it to fully answer. (BTW: There is a question in the "Extra Information" sidebar -- you should read it and try to answer it.)

Afterward, we worked on a review of our Shakespearean history using the activity below and our Interactive Notebooks.
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Today's journal entry was Consider Romeo’s relationship with Rosaline. How is it healthy/unhealthy? Consider Paris’s relationship with Juliet. How is it healthy/unhealthy? Is there such a thing as a healthy crush (or a healthy “unrequited love”)? Is Benvolio’s plan for Romeo a healthy way to “cure a broken heart”? Why or why not?

We watched some more of Act I and then finished reading Act I. If you were absent, please go to and use this resource to finish reading Act I of Romeo and Juliet. We will do a wrap-up activity on that act next class.
Today's journal entry was Write about a time when you experienced violence. (This could be in real life, or in a movie or book.) What led to the violence? What was the result? Did violence solve any problems, or cause any?

We watched part of the 1978 movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to refresh our memories of last time's reading, and to help us visualize the scene better. Below you can see the scene that we watched.
Afterward, we continued reading Act I. We finished Act I Scene 1, Act I Scene 2, and began Act I Scene 3. If you were absent, I strongly recommend that you use "No Fear Shakespeare" to catch up. This is a very helpful site that puts the original text side-by-side with a contemporary translation. In class, we translated as we went; since you missed that helpful discussion, this website will help you. Use the drop-down menu or click "Next Section" to continue reading; stop after the Nurse's long speech near the beginning of Scene 3.

Today's journal entry was How do you know if a romantic relationship is healthy or unhealthy? What are the “red flags” – when should a person get out of a relationship? Are you and your peers – at age 14-16 – old enough to know what a true love relationship looks like? Why or why not?

After discussing what we wrote in the journals, we took some notes. The slides are made available to you below.

Next, we chose parts and began reading Romeo and Juliet! The play began on page 807 of your textbook. You should make sure that you have read the first scene before Wednesday.
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Today we did three different pre-reading activities in preparation for reading Romeo and Juliet.

The first activity was to take a survey (opinionnaire) about your thoughts on love, loyalty, and revenge. If you were absent, you can get a copy of the survey below. Fill it out, bring it in, and paste it into your interactive notebook as if it were a journal entry.

The second activity was to play with the language of Romeo and Juliet by trying to reassemble the separated lines of its Prologue, using what you know about poetry, sentence structure, and logical order. This was a team "game" with prizes for the first to successfully complete the task. If you were absent, you need to acquaint yourself with the Prologue by downloading the appropriate file below. In between the lines, using your best intelligent guess, try to rewrite the Prologue in modern English and/or explain what is being said. 

The third activity was the continuation of the Shakespearean Insults. We each built a Shakespearean insult and then used it to create either a sign or a greeting card featuring that insult. If you were absent, please see me for materials and further instructions. This is due when you return from the long weekend.
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