Today we did our first Interactive Notebook entry. The vocabulary word was ineffable; the journal prompt was How would you define a hero? What qualities does a hero have? Consider the use of heroes in movies and literature. What are common traits of these heroes? Who is your favorite hero in literature or film? Why? Please check with a classmate to talk about the vocabulary word and to see the expectations for the journal entries.

Following this, we took some notes. You can view the notes here.

As a class, we read pages 1037-1047 of The Odyssey in our textbooks. You can check out a freshman literature textbook from the library, or come into my classroom during lunch or before/after school, to catch up on the reading. As we read, we took note of Odysseus's good or heroic qualities.

Some relevant video clips:

Today we acted out the Trojan War. There is nothing to make up -- just sorry that you missed the day's activity! Make sure you read "Paris and Queen Helen" in the textbook if you want some of the important back story before we read The Odyssey.
DUE TODAY: 8 Boxes with explanation, parent signature on syllabus slip

Today we took our student ID photos. If you were absent, please talk to the front office to find out when you can get your picture taken.

We set up our interactive notebooks (composition books) today. This was a multi-step process; please see Mrs. Baker if you were absent so that she can show you what you need to do and provide you with the necessary supplies.

In the remaining time, we looked at the pre-reading information about The Odyssey. We read pages 1025-1031 with our groups, taking chunks and writing 3-4 key points down for each section. We are gathering these key points together to jigsaw into one complete set of notes.

HOMEWORK: None :) Have a great weekend!
Today we took the mandatory Foundations of English Screener exam. If you were absent, you will need to come talk to Mrs. Baker about scheduling a make-up test.

Today's homework is to do the second part of the "Eight Boxes of Me" activity. Please choose SIX of the boxes. For each of the six boxes, write a paragraph explaining why you chose to draw that. For the purpose of this assignment, a paragraph should be 4-6 sentences. This is due Friday.

Remember that you also need your composition notebook and your syllabus form by Friday.
Welcome back to school!

Today we went over the syllabus and classroom procedures. Please make sure that you and your parent/guardian read the syllabus and fill out the signature sheet.

Today's first assignment is the "8 Boxes of Me" activity. Take a sheet of plain printer paper and divide it into eighths. In each of the eight squares, draw something that is important to you or that is significant to you. This is a way of introducing yourself. Your drawings should be in color. Please bring this on Wednesday.

    Foundations of Literature Agenda

    Absent? Lost a handout? Forgot what the assignment is? Find the date in question and get all you need here.

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