Today's vocabulary word was insidious. We read Frank Miller's "This I Believe" essay, "That Old Piece of Cloth," which you can read/listen to at Following this, our journal entry was What do you remember about September 11, 2001? Do you remember how you found out about the attacks, what you did that day, how you felt, how adults around you were reacting? Why do you think, 11 years later, 9/11 is still such an emotional and important event to Americans? Do you think we should continue talking about it every year, or that it is time to move on? Explain…

We introduced the Book Talk assignment. See the attached document at the end of this post if you need an extra copy of the instruction handout. We had some time in-class to read our books and, if we've made a poor decision, to find and switch to a new book.
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