Today we took a short survey about our contemporary literature viewing and reading habits. If you were absent, please make sure to get this from Mrs. Baker when you return.

We also took the mandatory Upper-Division English Screener exam. If you were absent, I have provided the instructions for this below. You can do it at home or at school, but you must use ONLY 50 minutes for both reading and writing (i is a timed test).

Today's homework is to do the second part of the "mandala" activity. Now that you have drawn your mandala, I would like you to write a short explanation as to why you included the features you chose. You will need to write four paragraphs -- one explaining each quadrant -- plus one more paragraph for the quotation going around the edge. This is due Friday.

Remember that you also need your composition notebook and your syllabus form by Friday.

Screener Make-up Instructions

Download and read the attachment, "The Boston Photographs." (Below these instructions.)

In a clear and concise argument, and using evidence drawn from Nora Ephron's essay, address the decision to publish this photograph: is this "cheap sensationalism"/voyeurism? a responsible record of an actual event? a photograph whose excellence alone justifies publication? What is ethical here? What is not?

Pick the one issue that you believe to be crucial or especially significant here; you are not being asked to answer all of the questions above, but to find one issue that speaks to you and for which you feel you can make an effective argument.
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