Today's vocab word was inane.

We read a This I Believe essay called "Teaching a Bad Dog New Tricks." Following this, we wrote on the following journal prompt: What lessons or perspectives on life can we learn from animals? How might human life be different or better if we modeled some aspects of our lives after animals' lives? Some cultures believe in "spirit animals" that reflect an aspect of our personalities; we see this in the patronus in Harry Potter, or in the daemon in The Golden Compass. If you had a spirit animal/patronus/daemon, what animal would it be and why? What about that animal do you resemble or admire?

Today was primarily a work day. Some people needed to finish reading their books; others were ready to begin writing their scripts for their Book Talks. We will begin taping our Book Talks on Wednesday; please come with a script that you have rehearsed MULTIPLE TIMES and TIMED to make sure that it fits within the 4-7 minute time frame. Bring any props, etc., that you want for your Book Talk, and if possible please bring a video camera (phone, Flip, etc.) with storage space. Remember to check the assignment sheet and meet all of the requirements!

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