DUE TODAY: Mandala with written explanation, parent signature on syllabus slip

Today we took our ID photos. If you were absent, please check with the front office to schedule retakes.

Today we set up our interactive notebooks. This was a multi-step process; if you were absent, please see Mrs. Baker for supplies and instructions.

Our first entry in the interactive notebooks was the vocabulary word ineffable. After a discussion, we each wrote down our own definition for the word, along with a sentence (or drawing, or comic, or diagram, or short story) that would help us remember what the word meant. Please check with a classmate to see how they defined ineffable, and do so yourself (on the left page -- do as your classmates do, or ask for my assistance).

Journal prompt: Why are you in this literature class, rather than one of the others? Was it something you were excited about, or was it the only one that fit in your schedule? What do you hope to learn/do in this class?

Finally, in our small groups we worked on coming up with a definition for "science fiction." We will continue this on Tuesday.

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