Today you had your second lit circle meeting and should have completed (and turned in) a daily worksheet (or two, if you are in a small group). You will have another lit circle meeting on Thursday.

Your first DAILY PROJECT for this unit is as follows:

Character Representations
  • Each person in your group chooses a different character from your book. Make sure to get the major characters. If you don't have enough characters to go around, you can double-up.
  • Each person in your group gets one sheet of printer paper. Please use ONLY one side of the paper.
  • Each character needs a VISUAL REPRESENTATION. This can be a drawing, magazine cut-out, or photograph (or combination). If your book has been made into a movie, you may NOT use a picture of the actor who plays your character.
  • Each character also needs a WRITTEN REPRESENTATION. This can go next to or around the picture, but should be on the same side of the same sheet of paper. This must include the following: 3+ important quotes by/about the character, personality traits, relationship to other characters, role in the story, and other important information.
  • This project goes in your binder and is not technically due until the binder is due. However, you will NOT want to leave this to the last minute -- get it done!

If you need extra copies of any of the daily worksheets, you can download them below.
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