For today, you should have completed the collage of things that are important to you.

We started off class today by completing a Contemporary Literature survey. If you were absent, please download it (see below) and turn it in ASAP. This is information that Mrs. Baker needs for this class.

Part 2 of the collage activity is to choose 6+ items on your collage and provide a written explanation for each of these items. Each written explanation should be approximately 150 words in length. (An example is provided below.) 

Your collage, with written explanations, is due on Tuesday, January 15.

EXAMPLE (150 words): I included a picture of a cake to represent my love of cooking, especially baking. I started “helping” my grandma cook when I was a little kid, and some of my favorite memories are of being in her kitchen, grabbing things for her, licking spoons, and slowly learning how to do things for myself. Now that I’m older, sometimes I cook dinner for my entire family. I almost never burn anything! Baking is my favorite; I love making brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and pies – especially Grandma’s special apple pie. Last summer I took a class to learn how to decorate cakes, and now I think I would like to go to culinary school when I graduate from high school to learn how to be a professional pastry chef. When I grow up, I would really love to have a company where I make wedding cakes or designer cupcakes for special events.

Contemporary Literature Survey
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